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Giza Zoo Hosts The TriFactory's Wildest Run Yet

Beyond the novelty of the location, TriFactory are also intent on helping improve the condition of the zoo - and you can help.

Have you ever gone for a run in a zoo? Perhaps waved at the angry-looking lion in the corner or the sleepy gorilla on your way to the finish line? Nope? Neither have we. The TriFactory, a company specializing in triathlons and endurance sports, are bringing us something we can finally tick off our bucket list. They're organizing The Jungle Run,  the first ever run in the Giza Zoo 23rd of March as part of a project, The School Series,  launched last year to encourage children to take a more active role in sports.

"We're excited to put together an event in such a historical place and help shed light on the problems and poor conditions of a neglected place with amazing potential to be restored and improved," explained TriFactory founder, Ayman Hakky. "We always try to develop the location where our events are hosted and we hope to make a positive impact on Africa's oldest zoo."

While it was initially meant to be for school kids only, the announcement of the event was so well received that the organizers decided to include parents and the general public. Made up of 3 runs, 2.5K for parents and kids, 5K for kids 13-18, and 5K for the public, this is a communal effort to raise awareness and encourage endurance sports while also having fun. Students winning first place will get a scholarship to the Geneva Business School and those winning second place get a summer scholarship at the E.U Business school by the International Education Advisors (IEA).

That's not all they're doing, though. Striving to have participants interact with their environment and give back to the community, Trifactory leads by example. They'll be cleaning up of the zoo in joint collaboration with EnvironAdapt, having worked together before to clean up Wadi El Degla. The time for the clean up will be announced on Facebook for volunteers who'd like to take part in the initiative. 

Having become enamored with the idea of triathlons on a business trip to Trinidad, founder of TriFactory, Ayman Hakky came back to Egypt and decided to start a group to train for triathlons in 2012. The group, aimed at amateur triathletes in Egypt, went on to participate in the London Triathlon of that year.

The Trifactory has already organized successful runs all over Egypt, the most famous of which are the Sahl Hasheesh Triathlon and Aswan 42. Both of these have seen people coming from all over the world to take part in the annual competition.


Registration will continue until Friday the 16th of March. To register, click here

And you can check them out on Facebook and Instagram.