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Trux: Sahel's First Food Truck Park

Now you know where to go if you ever get a hankering for kebda n' sogo2 in Sahel!

There are two kinds of people out there: those who look good in Sahel and people who don’t. We are the latter. For some reason, our hair doesn’t flow like golden shimmery strands of silk and our face doesn’t have that healthy sun-kissed glow everybody else seems to possess. No, sir, we just look like bums! Somewhere between beach parties in the AM and hard-hitting shindigs in the PM, we forget to feed ourselves and eventually all these days of hard living catch up with us.

We know this won’t be the case this summer because Sahel just went and got itself some Trux! Think of it as your personal assistant, or your mother – the only thing is that it doesn’t harass you every minute of every day and doesn’t pimp you out for grandchildren at the nadi. It sits right outside of Amwaj like a constant reminder of your basic human needs: gourmet food and glamorous hair, both of which you can get at Trux!Armed with poignant insights into our souls, Breakthrough Consultancy conceptualised and brought the food truck park to life. “It’s very easy to find big restaurant franchises in Sahel, but what if you want something on the go? You want to get your coffee, get something quick to eat then be on your way? What if you and your family are craving a meal of kebda sandwiches? This is why Trux happened – it was just a dream in the summer of 2015 that became a full-out reality one year later in the summer of 2016!” General Manager Amr Gaafar explains.

Trux is making Sahel great again with delectable and quality street food – but that is not all they offer, they are making the coastal paradise greater than ever with their own Mohamed Al Sagheer Blow & Dry Bar and kids area! What the hell? Seriously, "The hair salon and the kids area compliment the nature of the site, you can put your children in our kids area to have lunch while you do your hair!" CEO Ahmed Gaafar tells us. "It just suits every lifestyle that comes Sahel – families, singles, newlyweds, and friends."

We don’t know about you, but we cannot wait to get to Sahel, and we can't be any more anxious to have every single meal (and hairdo) of the day at Trux!   

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