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Tweet about Tweet about Tweet!

BREAKING NEWS: Al Masry Al Youm Tweets about Ronaldo's Tweet, replying to Egyptian man's Tweet. Tweet!

Every so often something happens in Egypt that puts us on the map, in a good light. Something that shows there is still hope for our beleaguered nation and yesterday, at 6:46 PM, the most wonderful Tweet was Tweeted from one of Egypt's biggest publications. To the delight of Al Masry Al Youm fans everywhere, Omar Abd Al Rahman's Tweet to Cristiano Ronaldo's Twitter was replied to him by the man that the Portuguese star hires to handle his Twitter and was then Tweeted about by Al Masry Al Youm. Both Al Masry Al Youm and Abdel Al Rahman's Twitter accounts shot up maybe four or five followers and Ronaldo's countless. Today is a great day for Egypt and Al Masry Al Youm