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An Ode to Cairo 360

Twisted & Tasty

Word on the street that something big is happening next Thursday in Zamalek. Luckily, our snitch has infiltrated the culinary scene and has come back with gastronomic news.

Our favorite snack shack Auntie Anne’s is opening its new flagship store in Zamalek, just in time for the weekend. Obviously, you already know this breaking news means we’ll all be breaking our diets for a carb-fest filled with twisted dough and outrageous flavours.

Our mole also informed us that the festivities will continue through Friday and Saturday with special activities like finger painting for the kids.  Everyone’s invited to join the fun and fill up on pretzels, so roll up your sleeves and get ready to overdose on dough. The opening kicks off at 7PM so get there on time and taste the first batch of goodies to ever come out of the new store. In the meantime, we suggest you call 16629 and order now.

Auntie Anne’s Flagship Store, 18 Shagaret El Dor St. (off 26th July St.), Zamalek, Cairo. The launch of the new store will be at 7PM, this Thursday 14th of March. Find out more about Auntie Anne’s on their Facebook page here.

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