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Two New Monorails Are Coming to 6th of October and New Cairo

The project is the first of its kind in Egypt, bringing a 43 km and 54 km monorail to 6th of October and the New Administrative Capital respectively.

Two new monorails are gracing the outskirts of Cairo. Thanks to a new loan facilitation between the National Authority for Tunnels and GB Morgan Europe Limited, among other financial institutions, EUR 1.8 billion (or USD 4.5 billion) will be funnelled into expanding the greater Cairo transportation infrastructure at 6th of October and the New Administrative Capital.

Huge monetary figures aside, the project is actually very cool; it's the first of its kind in Egypt. It includes two lines: from Giza to 6th of October, and from Nasr City to the New Administrative Capital, which are 43 km and 54 km respectively.

The monorails will be built through a joint venture with Orascom, Bombardier, and Arab Contractors. The New Administrative Capital route is planned to begin operations in 2022. The 6th of October line has also begun on their first phase, and is scheduled to begin operation in 2023 with 12 stations in total, which go from New October to the Nile Valley.