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Two Women Dead as Egyptian Wife Falls From Window and Lands on Passerby

In a twisted fate, a woman's tragic murder by her husband causes the death of another woman passing under her house.

It was reported by Al Masry Al Youm today that two women from El Haram died as a result of a domestic violence-turned-murder case. According to the news source, the first woman died as a result of her husband pushing her out the window from the fourth floor after a dispute; the second was a passerby who was coincidentally walking under their building at that very moment.

Both women died after days of being hospitalised and failing to recover. Initially, the events took place as a result of the housewife being chased out the window by her husband  who was threatening her with a kitchen knife.

The husband, who is now arrested and being interrogated for murdering his wife, was unemployed and may be facing charges of drug possession. According to the source, he was found with 50 grams of hashish.