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Have UFOs Been Spotted in Cairo?

Weird videos circulating on Egypt's social media suggest that aliens might be walking among us.

I'm not not exactly sure how to start this article. How about just putting it bluntly? There have been videos showing UFO sightings in Cairo. There, it wasn't that hard.

Since NYE's, a number of a videos circulating on Egypt's social media showed what could only be described as alien spaceships casually making their way through the skies of Boulaq. Other CCTV footage capture a hologram-like-alien-looking shape literally jogging in what looks like Maadi. Even aliens jog when they go to Maadi. 

The videos, naturally, went viral on Egypt's social media, causing widespread controversy and debate on the nature of these incidents. No further information on the authenticity of the videos have been made available as of yet. 

Should we be worried? No Hollywood movie could have possibly prepared us for this seeing as UFOs almost exclusively land in Western capitals in said movies. Are they really aliens? What could they possibly be after? Or, horror of horrors, are we being trolled by some 420-friendly visual manipulation expert? So many questions! We're digging for answers though so stay tuned.