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UK Nazis in KFC Mosque Mix-Up

A bunch of far-right nut-jobs made a huge kerfuffle over what they thought was a new mosque being built in Sheffield, UK, but actually turned out to be a KFC. Fried chicken anyone?

British far right boneheads have come under fire after a march destined for the supposed site of a new mosque ended up at KFC.
The anti-Islamic English Defence League planned to march to the alleged site of the Mosque in the northern English town of Sheffield.
However the blundering Nazis were left feeling less than finger lickin' good when the would-be Mosque turned out to be little more than a branch of fast food chain KFC.
Meanwhile British taxpayers were left with a bad taste in their mouths after being forced to foot the whopping £500,000 ($852,000) policing bill to control the extremist march.
Around 1,200 extra officers from 15 different forces had to be called, striking the already cash-strapped force with the massive bill.
The shocking revelations emerged following a documentary about modern policing in the UK.
It is thought that the blunder took place after false rumors were spread that a pub was to be turned into a mosque.
The EDL is a far-right protest group which opposes the spread of Islam in the UK.