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UK to Ban Burqas?

Will Great Britain follow France's lead and ban the burqa? A recent bill proposed in the House of Commons suggests there is some support for the notion.

On hearing that the UK Parliament were attempting to ban burgers, we were in absolute outrage; is there anything better than having a juicy beef patty hugged by a cocktail of fresh salads, partnered by a cold beer on an early Saturday afternoon? How dare they try to ban the burger in UK, everyone loves burgers! It is absolutely every human's right to eat their meat how ever they like, who are the government to decide what should be between our buns and what shouldn't? It's honestly ridic...! Oh wait, no wait, sorry, we misheard. Burqas! They're trying to ban burqas!

Silly us. That makes more sense. Wait, does it? Who are the government to decide what should be between our head and our toes and what shouldn't? It's honestly ridiculous.

The bill was one of several controversial proposals made by right-wing conservative MPs in the House of Commons on June 24, according to The Telegraph. If passed, the rule would align the UK with France's policies in making it illegal to wear a garment with the “primary purpose to obscure the face.”

Exceptions to the bill include for the “purposes of art, leisure or entertainment.” You know. for when you just want to chuck on a Niqab for funsies, while you're painting, so you don't get your hair messy. That's okay.

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