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Sharm El Sheikh to Host UN Biodiversity Conference This Week

The conference will feature important delegates from more than 190 countries discussing solutions to stop biodiversity loss.


The United Nations Biodiversity Conference will be taking place from the 13th to the 29th of November in Sharm El Sheikh, according to the UN's official website.

The United Nations is calling on decision makers from over 190 countries to participate in the conference, aiming to push global efforts to stop biodiversity loss and protect the ecosystems that support food and water security for billions of people all around the world.

The conference will also host in-depth discussions on climate change, and ways to protect vulnerable areas both on land and sea, as well as other ways of enhancing the conservation of biodiversity.

Important delegates will also be discussing important issues that will shape the world's future policies for the protection of biodiversity, such as sustainable wildlife management, synthetic biology, spatial planning, as well as many other key issues.

With its unique position between Asia and Africa, Egypt is home to a wide range of biodiverse environments, such as mangroves, coral reefs, mountains, sand dunes, oases and wadis that are home to many plant and animal species in both tropical and Mediterranean environments.

Some animal and plant species remain in serious trouble, such as the acinonyx jubatus cheetah which remains on the brink of extinction, although it can still be seen in natural refugee sites, such as the Qattara Depression of the Western Desert.