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Uber Celebrates One Year of Road Safety with Nacita Auto-Care

You know how your Uber rides never go wrong and the brakes never fail and you go home in one piece? We have NACITA Auto-Care to thank for that!

You know how the protagonist’s car always stops and the hood starts fuming when they are being tailed in a movie? Well, that tends to happen in real life, too, because bad things happen to people who put off car maintenance.

You can rest assured, however, that catastrophic mishaps because the car wouldn’t start won’t happen to you if you take an Uber. The mobility app is notorious for its rigorous safety standards which require drivers to put their cars through automobile maintenance and checks at NACITA Auto Care.

A total auto care service provider, NACITA offers affordable products ranging from brake pads and tires to batteries, as well as services such as tire balancing, wheel alignment, nitrogen inflation, tires rotation, tire repair, car wash and detailing, oil change, A/C recharge and used car inspection. And so, to celebrate their long and life-saving partnership with NACITA, as well as their one-year anniversary, Uber will be rewarding their best performing drivers with automobile maintenance freebies from the auto care centre, ranging from tire and oil changes to gift vouchers and more.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank NACITA for sparing us the terrible fate of people who get stranded in the desert with their quick auto care services that are available for everyone no matter their net worth with 13 outlets across the country!

Check out Uber and Nacita and follow them on Instagram @uber_egypt and @NacitaAC!