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Uber hits Sahel

Uber is hitting the North Coast this summer and so are we - safely, securely and on hand 24/7.

After hitting the streets of Cairo and achieving big success, Uber has decided to roam around Sahel’s routes to help ensure the safety of those in need for a ride. The on-demand car app has revolutionised the way we commute.

Given the horror stories we hear summer after summer on Sahel's dark, bumpy and unsafe roads, having Uber on hand is a god-send, especially for those who like to party hard. Riding with a stranger is an act of the past – with Uber around , you have the driver’s name, picture and car plate before you set foot in the vehicle.

Getting lost or being unfamiliar with the roads stops being an issue, because the company has a GPS that tracks the car’s movements, and the app provides you with a map that shows you the routes you’re taking. No cash? No problem. Uber accepts credit card payments, so if you get late-night cravings, you won’t have to choose between that snack and the trip fee.

Waiting for long minutes that seem like hours hoping for a cab that will reject your destination is no more. Uber will accept any place you want to go to. No cancellations. No time lost.

And at last, the most handy, if you’re feeling lost or if you’re out of credit or data on your phone, all you have to do is always keep your location services on and the driver will follow the GPS to your pickup location and drive you wherever you want.

So, whether you’re out of Cairo, out of cash, or out of credit, Uber is always there for you.