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VIDEO: Turkish TV Host Laughs Hysterically as Religious Expert Talks Oral Sex

A prominent TV show host bursts into laughter as a religious expert explains that 'advanced' oral sex is not allowed in Islam…

A video has gone viral on social media as a Turkish TV presenter could not help her laughing fit as she listened to a stone-faced theologist discuss oral sex in Islam. As the presenter started suppressing her giggles, she motioned the camera away, but soon had her head on the table, laughing much to the bewilderment of the expert.

On state-run television’s main channel TRT 1, Pelin Cift prominent TV anchor hosted renowned Turkish theologist, Ali Riza Demircan, on her show ‘Other Agenda’ who was explaining what sexual practices were prohibited in Islam. The most amusing part was Demircan stone cold face and monotonous tone as he proceeded to discuss anal sex and how it was not allowed. Cift had managed to constrain her giggles up until Demircan announced that oral sex, “in advanced dimensions”, was also not allowed. At this point Cift much to the bewilderment of Demircan collapsed laughing as he asked, “Pelin, sister, you had been talking so comfortably. But now you can’t even ask a question!” Cift then replied between fits of laughter, “What’s your problem, my dear hoca!” using an Islamic term of respect for a teacher.

The question remains what ‘advanced’ oral sex, is as users took to social media to express their own amusement at Demircan’s proclamation.