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Video: All of Egypt is Talking About Bridgestone's Chilling New Commercial

The new Bridgestone commercial is about so much more than just selling tires.

While Egyptians are constantly clicking that elusive little share button on a vast variety of viral material from trashy music videos to anything Pokemon, for the past few days it seems we're all talking about a more serious issue with Bridgestone's latest ad that addresses car accidents on Egypt's highways. You have probably come across the brand's Fit & Fix new commercial, but what is more frightening is that you have probably come across car crashes and ambulances rushing to a crash site on your way to Sahel. What you need to do now is to pause and think of all the lives we lose every year to road accidents and realise that they are avoidable and that apparently, in 1/5 of the cases, poorly maintained tires are the culprit. 

The video, which was just posted on Facebook, has gotten over 1000 shares so far. It opens with a car crash scene where survivors are giving their account of what happened and it ends on the most chilling note; “Unfortunately, you won’t always be there to tell what happened.” 

Here is it in case you missed it and though at the end of the day, it is an ad designed to sell tires, it has actually worked to start opening up a national dialogue.