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Video: Man Assaulted for 'Looking Gay'

A frightening video shows a group of young men bullying and shoving around another man on the assumption that he's gay based on his appearance on the streets of Mohandessin.

A video has just emerged depicting a group of young men ganging up on and attacking another male walking down the street in Gamaat El Dowaal on the assumption that he might be gay. In the video capture by Ahmad Sanad, as the man is walking in the street, they surround him, pull him aside and start to push him around, mocking and jeering at him, and hitting him several times.

No one stops to intervene; neither onlookers nor cars in this disgusting public display of bullying.


Forget gay rights; and let's discuss basic human rights which clearly don't even exist in this video.  This rather feminine looking man was walking the streets of Cairo yesterday in 'Gamaat El Dowal', when instantly he was attacked; both verbally & physically for this appearance by a group of homophobic, young men.  Unable to defend himself, he was hit multiple times as the crowed laughed & jeered at him.  Following an attempt to escape, a taxi wouldn't even stop for him & drove on.  Onlookers would also ignore his helplessness, as merely due to him being gay had apparently diminished completely his rights as a human.This is not a post about the defense of gay rights as much as it is the defense of basic, human empathy & rights.  If those who attacked a dog were punished & imprisoned; what is it that allows the abuse of a human to be accepted in our society? Written by Farah HamoudaVideo by Ahmad Sanad

Posted by Ahmad Sanad on Tuesday, June 9, 2015