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Video: Groom Surprises Bride with ISIS Themed Wedding

Some weddings have white doves, some Egyptian weddings have ISIS...

The world is full of good ideas and bad ideas. Getting married to the love of your life is a good idea; however organising your friends to crash the wedding as ISIS militants and forcing your wife to dance with you in a makeshift cage is a bad idea.

“The idea came to me two weeks before the wedding, because I wanted a wedding night that is different and special and not like everybody else’s,” Ahmed Shehata tells Egypt’s Youm7 news network. Believing that nothing says romance quite like terror, Shehata told his friends to don masks and wield knives forcing the newly married couple to dance in a cage. “Everybody was surprised to the point that some of the attendees thought ISIS was about to storm the wedding,” photographer Ahmed Kassem told Youm7.

Masked men wielding knives and escorting you to dance in cage is not exactly the white wedding every girl typically dreams about. Clearly this spectacle was in poor taste, and perhaps the young bride should be more than a little worried about her future with this groom...