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Video: High Profile TV Presenter Lamis El Hadidy Savagely Attacked in Cathedral Bombing Aftermath

Dozens of protesters violently rage at Lamis El Hadidy, Ahmed Moussa, Reham Saeed, and Abdelrahim Ali, throwing them out of the Cathedral area as they attempt to cover Sunday's explosion.

On Sunday December 11th at around 10 AM, an explosion rippled through the doors and windows of St Peter and St Paul church, dismantling parts of the holy structure, killing 25 people - mostly women and children - and wounding at least 49 people. 

Prominent media figure Lamis El Hadidy proceeded to cover the events at St Peter and St Paul church on Sunday, only to be brutally beaten and thrown out of ground zero by dozens of protestors. El Hadidy, obviously shaken and traumatised by the attack, took to her show, Hona Al Asema, to voice her afflictions about what happened to her. “I was performing my role and work, which is always in the centre location of the event,” El Hadidy tells. “My colleagues and I were subjected to violence in front of the cathedral.” Four young men surrounded her in defence, covering her head from protesters armed with rocks and glass. She was escorted to a nearby car owned by a father with his daughter who drove El Hadidy home. After thanking those who protected her - who she does not know the names of - El Hadidy sends a message to her attackers: “You practice a different type of terrorism and there is not much difference between you and the Cathedral explosion.”

El Hadidy was not harrassed alone. Caught on video, Reham Saeed, Ahmed Moussa, and Abdelrahim Ali were also among those forced out of the Cathedral area by raging protestors. Despite Saeed denying any force being used against her, there have been videos circling Twitter and YouTube that show her being attacked, but subsequent to her denial, they have been removed. These particular reporters have often been bombarded by the public for causing controversy with their uninformed speculations, and are accused of causing a national divide, hence being unwelcome by many.
Egypt’s Coptic Pope Tawadros II has led the funeral procession in the Church of the Virgin Mary in Nasr City on Monday morning. Hundreds were present, grieving the deaths of those departed, which the rest of Egypt continues to do through the three-day mourn.

Funeral procession at The Church of the Virgin Mary

Photos courtesy of Al Ahram.