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Video: Hilariously Ominous EgyptAir Inflight Announcement Breaks Internet

EgyptAir pilot tells passengers that reaching their destination isn't guaranteed. Uh oh.

In the best thing we have seen all week, an EgyptAir inflight announcement found its way to the World Wide Web and we can't stop playing it. It starts with a pilot, one Captain Hareedy, greeting passengers and thanking them for flying EgyptAir before making the worrisome promise that, although reaching Alexandria (their destination) isn't guaranteed, they "will end up somewhere in Egypt." Of course, that was before he boasted that the airline has an excellent safety record; so excellent, in fact, that even terrorists are weary of flying with the carrier and that, apparently, over 30 percent of EgyptAir passengers have reached their destinations this year. Also, we cannot comment on the authenticity of this video because, for all we know, this is how they do business at EgyptAir. If that doesn't sound believable to you it is probably because you have never had the misfortune of flying EgyptAir.

(Photo: Reuters)            

كابتن هريدى يحييكم ...

مين السافل اللى عمل الفيديو دة .. و اللة فصلنى ضحك ...

Posted by Yasser Aboemera on Saturday, March 5, 2016