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Video: Zamalek's Mortada Mansour Attacked by Ultras?

The outspoken football club chairman is at loggerheads with the Ultras White Knights once again, as a viral video shows him getting the infamous Egyptian 'afa' outside Zamalek FC headquarters. Watch the pretty hilarious clip here...

On his way to announce Portugal's Jaime Pacheco as Zamalek Football Club's new head coach in a press conference on Sunday, the outspoken and outlandish Mortada Mansour - the club's controversial chairman - was stopped in his tracks by two men who gave him the ultimate sign of Egyptian disrespect and slapped him on the back of the neck, before spraying him with an unidentified liquid. Watch this brilliant edit of what went down:

Mansour was not hurt but was quick to blame the Ultras White Knights for what happened, claiming that he was sprayed with nitric acid. The feud between the hardcore Zamalek FC fans and the chairman has been ongoing as many blame him for facilitating the spectator ban that plagued the Egyptian league for over two years, while Mansour lashed out at the group calling them terrorists, furthering the conflict.

However, the Ultras were quick to point out that it wasn't nitric acid he was sprayed with but, in fact, faeces and urine, in response to an earlier statement made by Mansour in which he said he was so poor and down to earth that he'd drunk sewage in his formative years.