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Video: Lebanese TV Host Shuts Down Sexist Islamist on Air

Check out the awesome moment when Rima Karaki quite literally shut up an extremist on live TV...

There is arguably nothing better to watch than a strong independent women shutting down a disrespectful Islamist extremist who believes women are beneath him. Bringing joy to the start of our week is a video of Lebanese TV Host Rima Karaki, completely shutting down an ignorant extremist who repeatedly disrespected her on her own show:

The disastrous interview transpired on Monday last week when Karaki was interviewing Hani Al Seba’I about the recent phenomenon of Christians joining Islamic groups like ISIS. Al-Seba’I claims to be a Sunni scholar, who was forced to flee Egypt and relocate to London after being sentenced in an Egyptian court to 15 years in prison for being part of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, a group believed to be affiliated with Al Qaeda.

The interview gets heated when Al-Seba’I goes off on a historical rant. Hoping to keep Al-Seba’I on topic, Karaki politely attempts to redirect the conversation, only to find the ignorant sexist taking offense that a women has interrupted a man. From there, Karaki continues to be respectful, asking him to show her the same treatment. However, the man refused to get back on topic and continued to disrespect her going so far as telling her to shut up, stating that women are beneath him. Upon hearing that Karaki decided enough was enough and cut the man’s microphone and ended the interview showing this jackass who was really in control.

It is somewhat a surprise that Karaki isn’t more of common household name as her record shows her to be an intelligent, outspoken, inspiring role model for women’s rights in a region where too many remain silent. More than just a TV host Karaki has held important position at the Lebanon’s central bank, but decide to make the move to television, in order to lead by example and make it clear that women, even beyond her Lebanese borders, deserve equal respect and should never fear demanding for it as it is their right.