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Viral Sperm Donor Campaign Turns Out to Be a Teaser for Nelly Karim's New Film

Turns out the controversial 'Bashtery Ragel' video, which purports to show an Egyptian woman seeking sperm donors, is part of a teaser campaign for Nelly Kareem's upcoming film, of the same name.

The viral video Bashtery Ragel, which depicts an Egyptian woman seeking sperm donors in order to be a single mother, turned out to be part of Nelly Kareem's upcoming movie's teaser campaign. The revelation was made by Dina Harb, the movie's producer, in an on-air interview with Lamis El Hadidy last night.

The video was posted to a recently created Facebook page called Bashtry Ragel, invoking angry social media reactions and stirring a heated debate on women's rights and gender roles.Similarly, the movie follows the story of the character played by Nelly Kareem, who goes on a hunt for sperm donors after giving up on marriage.