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Viral Video Highlights Egypt's Paralympic Superstars Through #RedefineAbility Campaign

Commemorating International Disability Day on December 3rd, a new initiative called #RedefineAbility has released a viral video showing Egypt's paralympic superstars, proving nothing is impossible as they train other athletes.

Egypt’s athletes may not necessarily receive all the financial or government support needed, but they have never let this issue be an obstacle in reaching international podiums. This summer, Egyptian athletes made the country proud – especially the Paralympic heroes who brought home plenty of medals. To showcase the talents of these Egyptian superstars, a new campaign called #RedefineAbility was launched on December 3rd  –International Disability Day – to shine a light on the inspiring stories of Egypt’s Paralympic superstars, releasing a viral video of them training side-by-side with tomorrow’s athletic heroes.The heartwarming video was posted on Facebook yesterday and is quickly finding its place on thousands of Egyptians' timelines. The video stars 16-year-old Paralympic swimmer Aya Abbas, two-time African silver medallist Ibrahim Hamadto, track and fielder Mohamed Ramy, Paralympic weightlifter Mohamed Sobhy, and sharpshooter Ali Mohamed, who prove that nothing is impossible as they train other athletes while redefining how we view athletic abilities. This project is not a one-time initiative, and accompanying the Mantis-produced video is the launch of a website that aims to alter the stereotypes surrounding how the differently abled are viewed. By sharing their remarkable stories, #RedefineAbility hopes to inspire the next generation of athletes.

According to the #RedefineAbility post, “You think you know what it means to be abled? Meet the next level athletes who will redefine what you know. In a world that is designed for averages, these athletes set the bar high for ability. A team of designers and storytellers have come together to redefine our understanding of ability in an unprecedented, all-inclusive project.”

The video is easily the best thing we’ve watched today, and will definitely open the eyes of the nation to the incredible athletes that continue to overcome a variety of obstacles as they #RedefineAbility.

For more information on this amazing initiative visit their website.

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