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Virtual Man Cave

The CairoScene boys are all googly-eyed for new macho portal,

We are men. We like eating sandwiches, drinking beer, shooting things, supermodels, cars and eating sandwiches off supermodels while driving in cars, shooting at things. If only there was a website that allowed us to casually browse through all these things that get our testosterone pumping without feeling like a classless chauvinistic pervert at work. Well, move over Pinterest... Introducing! A website dedicated to all things penistresting, where a flood of mangnificent pictures fills the home page, letting you 'bump' (like) or 'nail' (repost) all of the glorious guy things that arouse your mantrest. Don't worry; it's not all as cheesy as it sounds. It's also very metrosexually pleasing, with hundreds of differen't DIY pins teaching you awesome and important man-things like how to turn a Corono bottle into a shot glass and make wood palate staircases. The one downside to this is that after ten minutes of wide-eyed gawking at the site, you realise that all you have is fool sandwhiches, a Daewoo, a blow-up mattress and no girlfriend, but that's okay too.