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Wahawi's World Cup Ramadan

Whether you wanna enjoy a delicious Iftar or Sohour while chilling out with friends, or you wanna watch the World Cup, Wahawi's got you covered this Ramadan with a delicious menu and big screens to watch the action.

During Ramadan last year the CairoScene team had the privilege of gorging ourselves at the finest Souhour Kheyam in all of Cairo. Upon reflection only one tent really stands out in our minds as the most memorable time we had last year, and it was the deliciously awe-inspiring Wahawi Nileside Ramadan Lounge.

Resting on the upper deck of the Le Pacha 1901 boat in Zamalek, and being set up by Event Republic, Wahawi Nileside Ramadan Lounge provides its patrons with an amazing atmosphere, complete with chill tunes expertly mixed by their in-house DJ, while offering a magnificent view of the Nile. What stands out is its interior design that turns your traditional tacky Ramadan Khema into a warm classy atmosphere complete with strategically placed fawanees to get everyone into the Ramadan spirit.

This year the Wahawi Nileside Ramadan Lounge is guaranteed to be even better than last year, as instead of watching our friends play FIFA on one of the many PlayStations, we can actually watch the our favourite players and countries battling to be crown champions in this year's FIFA World Cup instead. With screens provided on almost every sitting, Wahahi is making sure to give you a clear view of every game that will be played. In between half time, Wahawi has got you covered providing patrons with a variety of board games like Pictionary and Monopoly deal, as well as the ability to sneak in a quick game on the PlayStation that mirrors the action on the pitch.

Starting June 28, Wahahi will be open for Iftar and Sohour, providing a wide arrange of classic Middle Eastern offerings like taboula, hawawshi, and the baby pita shawerma sandwiches that will deliciously give you the energy needed to fast the next day. Sponsoring Event Republic's Lounge this year is Sahl Hasheesh, Cairo Gossip, Cairo 360, Mansour, and Opel. With so many wonderful groups coming together, the safe bet will be that this will be the place to be seen this Ramadan.

Considering that the World Cup games are being scheduled at the wee hours of the night, Egyptians will finally have the excuse to gorge themselves until the sunrise, while enjoying Egypt's favourite pastime. It rarely ever happens that the World Cup coincides with Ramadan, so don't miss the chance of enjoying both, and whether your team wins or loses, Wahawi guarantees to have you feeling awesome and full before sunrise.