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Why Do People Hate on Banha? Young Pharoz's New Music Video Shows Love for the City

The young Egyptian rappers took to expressing their love for the city in a kickass new video.

Why you haters hating on Banha? Why does Banha always have a negative connotation? That's what Young Pharoz are trying to figure out in their new song 'Ana 3andi 7ob leh Banha' which they just released online.
Rappers Meshoo, Ayman, and the lovely Shahd have long been winning the hearts of an ever-growing community of Egyptian Rap fans, ever since 2007 when they rose to stardom and eventually when they auditioned for X Factor Arabia in Beirut. And now this rap and R&B trio is back with a new project in a bid to show some love to the city that is often the butt of Egyptian jokes. 
Also, did you guys know that many Egyptians call the city Banha el-'asal which means 'sweet like honey'?