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X Apparel Marks the Spot

A new online store is on a mission to make Egypt's men more fashionable. Founded by Habiba Koura and Ahmed Toulan, we speak to the twosome behind X Apparel to find out more about their abstract prints and high-quality t-shirts, 100% made in Egypt.

Barely a day passes by without a new clothing store opening or a designer releasing a new collection as Cairo continues to step up, sartorially. However, those that cater to men are few and far between.  X Apparel plans to bring more attention to the male fashion scene launching as a dedicated men's brand, delivering stylishly urban clothes to a sea of H&M t-shirts.

"It started with me and my friend and co-founder of the brand Ahmed Toulan trying to pump life back into the male fashion scene in Cairo," founder Habiba Koura shared with us. With a goal to approach and take Egyptian fashion to the next level, the brand's casual wear not only provides clothes, but gives a set example of how to dress casually, yet elegantly enough to feel comfortable and up-to-date at the same time.

Lame t-shirt prints end here as the brand focuses on abstract art, featuring familiar yet distorted images of bands and iconic pieces visual art. The best thing about X Apparel is that the clothes are 100% designed and made in Egypt. "We will expand our production soon, to start offering bracelets, sweatshirts, swimsuits and of course - the outfit essential - shoes," says Koura.

The online store prides itself on quality items and even higher quality customer service. "Our aim is to become an international website that ships not only locally, but worldwide too," concludes Koura.

Check out X Apparel on Instagram @XApparel__