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YallaYoga: How Yoga Changed My Life

YallaYoga just launched a new campaign to highlight the myriad benefits of yoga - interviewing students and taking to the streets of the city to snap them in their favourite poses - and the results are awesome!

The yoga movement, which addresses both your physical and mental well-being, is on the rise, with more studios and centers opening in the chaotic center of our lovable yet mad city Cairo, to help ease people through their daily tasks and away from mental institutions.

YallaYoga is one of the myriad studios around the city serving as both a yoga educational institute and a healthy lifestyle community center, and they've just launched a campaign to increase awareness about the many benefits of injecting a little yoga into your life! For their How Yoga Changed My Life, campaign, they sat down with some of their regular students to get testimonials from them to see how their lives literally changed from the simply easy-to-learn practice. Then they took to the streets with the students and snapped some of their yogis doing their thing around Cairo. And the results were awesome.

"I’m a business consultant. Well, I used to be until my illness took away my ability to sit or stand in one pose for more than a few minutes. I have an autoimmune disease which gradually lessens the basic mobility function of the spine, eventually leaving the patient in a wheel chair. It’s painful for me to cook, write, or even style my hair. I struggle not to see myself as a less able person compared to the “normal” people around me. Yoga is the only thing that reminds me I still can do something; it supports me in overcoming every obstacle in my life by through challenging me to bend, twist, hold, sweat & above all breathe," said one of their interviewees Farhin Islam whose life now is more than just being physically functional.

The aim of YallaYoga's campaign is to show that yoga truly does have a positive impact on people's lives and also, that it really is for everyone.

"Yoga isn't just about poses and handstands, it's about identifying and promoting the light that resides within. I’m learning to love myself, to control my mind, and to stop obsessing over things I have no say in. Of course it’s not as easy at it sounds but yoga isn't a fast repair. With regular practice, you just might find that yoga gives you a whole new outlook on life," 
said another one of their students, Fatma Gamal, who sees yoga for far more than its physical healing powers, and uses it for an altered state of perception and outlook on daily life.

"I started practicing mindfulness, yoga and meditation during my military service. I had no clue what my life purpose was. After studying and practicing yoga for a few years, I decided to teach what I’ve learned in order to help people find their own purpose in life. This keeps me growing and I’m so content with every present moment." - Ahmed Osman (TEACHER)


"My physician advised trying yoga after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a disease that basically makes you live in pain all over the body, all the time. Yoga helped me build up a tolerance for pain and shifted my perspective on life matters out of my control." - Heba Magdy

Regardless of your reasons, Yoga has something for everyone, it has helped us even cope on a daily basis, and this campaign is a great way to highlight the many benefits - physical and mental - of the practice.

You can check out YallaYoga’s Facebook page here for more details or follow them on Instagram @yallayoga.