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#YaraTarek's Father Pleas for Students to Stop Protesting

After six days of protests and boycotting classes at GUC, Yara Tarek's father has issued a plea for the students to resume their courses.

Protests at the German University in Cairo over last week’s parking lot accident that killed Yara Tarek Negm are starting to die down, after a heartfelt plea from her father calling on protestors to resume classes.

The protest/boycott of classes has brought GUC to halt for the past six days. At the heart of the controversy is the debate of whether Yara Tarek Negm's death was the result of poor management of the parking lot, or simply a tragic unavoidable accident. A day after Negm’s death the GUC called a suspension of classes for three days, however midterms started on Saturday, which a majority of students boycotted. Students remained resilient with many continuing the boycott until their demands were met.

According to protestors taking part in the boycott the Student Union demands are as followed:


Rough Translation

1) Improve the bus waiting systems and develop a more organised university parking lot.

2) Granting a monthly meeting with the Student Union and the president of university to listen to students' needs.

3) Organising a meeting with Ameen 3am El Gam3a next Saturday to open a channel of communications between students.

4) That whoever was responsible about for this tragedy be held accountable and punished.

5) Exemptions for students who boycotted their midterms.

According to a GUC student, Farah Waady, "Parents came on Sunday and requested to see anyone from the administration, after waiting for three hours, they didn't meet anyone." Supposedly, the concerned parents accompanied by students tried to confront the president of the university as he attempted to leave the campus in his car. Being blocked from leaving, apparently the president instructed the driver to drive through the protesters. This incident was captured on camera and posted on Facebook pouring more fuel on a burning fire.



Talking with GUC students, we have learned that classes seem to be getting back to normal. The only changes we know of so far is a picture of a new sign installed in the parking lot.

Photo Provided By Farah Waady

Also suspected to have helped douse the flames of protest is a plea coming directly from Yara’s father to halt the protest.


Below is a rough translation of his post:

Dear sons and daughters,
I am Tarek Negm, Yara's father "may god rest her soul" first of all I’d
like to greet all of you and thank you for your noble feelings and
standing beside us in times of pain starting from being with us at
the hospital to attending the funeral.
I’ve been up to date with everything you have done for the past few
days from boycotts and etc. I have been with the police minute by
minute and they are aware of everything and who are mistaken will get
the punishment they deserve. and on talking the university they
promised they will listen to all what we need and take proper measures
regarding security and the buses.
since they are responding to what we need I’m begging you to stop  the
boycott and return to normal pace as not to affect your studies which
is the main purpose of going to university that your parents save a lot
for you to get in.
And know that the righteous path needs the right things to it and
protesting and boycotts may affect you, and know that no one needs
justice to my daughter as much as I do.
Please listen to me as I love all of you as much as I love Yara.

As it stands the situation seems to be stabilizing, however it will come as no surprise if students return to protests if the GUC officials continue to ignore, insult, and threaten students for standing up for their fallen colleague. This whole incident could very well be an unavoidable accident, however they way the University has handled the situation arguably does warrant some of anger being expressed.