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YouTube Comedian Abdoulrahman Ihab

We speak to YouTube's latest Egyptian sensation, vlogger Abdoulrahman Ihab Ibrahim, and get to know more about him, and his outrageous views.

New Vlogger sensation Abdoulrahman Ihab Ibrahim recently caught our undivided attention with his videos that tackle all the topics that drive us mad. From 50 Shades of Grey, to Sahel issues, to all the pumped up gym dudes, Aboulrahman has a screaming tone about him which is only adequate for Cairo and its madness. CairoScene chats with Aboulrahman Ihab about Egypt, fame, inspiration, and serenity or the lack thereof.

How did you get started, and how long ago was that?

Over three months I posted over 10 videos. I was pushed by friends, so they shot me and thought I should be seen so they shared it, and at first I didn’t know, then the disbelief really hit me. My first video got over 25 shares and when my second video about 50 Shades of Grey got 5000 hits, and later reached 50000, coincidence? I think not.

How do you feel about all that? Did you expect it?

I thought it was awesome. I didn’t really plan for it or expect it. I was like, oh my God who would want to see a guy screaming at the top of his lungs? 

To someone who hasn’t seen your show, how would you describe it?

You’re missing out asshole, you better go die…. Ok, I don’t watch my stuff... I feel it’s pretty annoying I can’t hear my noise, I feel like am screaming… watch my stuff only if you like a retarded bastard, screaming out his opinion.


What’s in store for you next?

I am planning on doing a new show, considering that this one is not. It’s going to be really different, not as much screaming, but wee parts will have intense screaming. For It’ll have parts where I am like in front of the camera screaming for a minute.

Speaking of shouting, how, after your neurotic videos, do you find inner peace?

I don’t find my inner peace, it finds me after I am done shouting. I shout outside the show; sit down in my car screaming just going AAAAAAAH. I don’t take it out on people. After I am done I  feel dizzy and faint…I don’t have what people call serenity, sometimes I am happy, sometimes I am not, and I don’t try to fight it.



العيد فرحة خالص بقى

Posted by Abdoulrahman Ihab Ibrahim on Thursday, 23 July 2015


What’s your advice for up and coming vloggers? 

I’d say express yourself, don’t be scared of this concept that says if you share your opinion you're fucked. No you're not... Be honest,  as long as you're not harming anyone, and you’re not acting like a douche about it and you're not forcing it on the people. I make fun of people without belittling them. I try not to be offensive…I TRY. I don’t call out people in a way that hurts. Express yourself, but don’t let your video opinions carry into your real life. Your exaggerated comedy or opinion turn you into an exaggerated real personality.

Hacienda or Marrasi?

Neither one. This whole side of Sahel sucks, I don’t go anywhere beyond Marina. I just try not to. I go very little. I went around and I fucking hated it. Diplo is easier this year than its counterparts, I didn’t like this whole party zone, I think it’s horrendous. 


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