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Your Fave Egyptian Comedy Plays are Coming to Netflix in May

As we all reminisce to nostalgic content, what better than to some of the most hilariously quotable Egyptian comedy plays?


Who hasn’t been struck by a bolt of nostalgia recently? Even though Ramadan's mosalsalat has got our watchlist covered for the month, there’s still a few hours in the day spent existentially staring at ceilings - hours we could fill by watching classic comedies instead!

This May, Netflix MENA is bringing you a slate of some of the most iconic Egyptian comedy plays, such as the best coming-of-age high school delinquent story ‘Madraset el Moshaghbin’, the sequel ‘El 3eyal Kebret’, the true dynamic duo that put Thelma & Louise to shame ‘Raya w Sekina’, the best crime play ‘Al Shahid Mashafsh Haga’ and the epitome of Egyptian dad gone mad ‘Sok 3ala Banatak’.

Other releases include gems such as ‘Al Motzawgood’ and ‘El Wad Sayed El Shaghal’, as well as Kuwaiti productions like ‘Morahek fil 50’ and ‘Bye Bye London’. All the plays will be available on May 21st on the streaming service, just in time for Eid!