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Youth Initiative ‘We Can’ Reaches Out to Those at Risk of Infection By Distributing Protective Gear

Over four governorates have so far benefited from youth initiative We Can's distribution of medical supplies to underprivileged at-risk groups.


In today’s episode of Not All Heroes Wear Capes, youth initiative We Can is doing good by the country with their medical outreach programme, which has already made its mark on four governorates so far. Volunteers in Cairo, Alexandria, El Sharqeya, and El Gharbeya are going around distributing masks, gloves, and disinfectants to the underprivileged, those whose incomes rely on staying outdoors for long hours at a time, and others who might be under a greater risk of infection or can’t afford such preventive measures.

For those interested in taking part, We Can’s Facebook page invites anyone and everyone to volunteer by helping them donate or distribute masks, gloves and antiseptics.