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Alexandria to Open Private Beaches Exclusively for Foreigners

It’s all for a good cause. You’re just not invited.

The Alexandria Chamber of Travel Agencies planned with Greece, Cyprus and Italy that they will be setting up private beaches along the coastline of Alexandria, specifically for the locals coming from the respective countries.

Ali El-Manesterly, chairman of the Chamber, has elaborated that this plan will help increase tourism for the summer. With private beaches, tourists are guaranteed privacy, cleanliness, and all the other things you don’t usually find in an Egyptian public beach; foreign nationalities tend to prefer that privacy, El-Manesterly said in a statement.

That luxury, however won't be for free, and it would contribute to increasing revenues and improving the economy. There will also be direct flights from Alexandria, Greece, Cyprus, and Italy, which will motivate tourists to book flights to visit the beaches.

On top of that, the Alexandria Borg El Arab Airport will expand in order to encompass an additional 2.8 million passengers by 2022.

Alexandria is already recognized for its significance in history and culture, which attracts millions of tourists into the city each year. Egypt has recently launched their tourism campaign, putting up billboards with the messages "Invest in Egypt" and "Experience Egypt" in the World Cup matches.

Main image taken from Primoz Cigler.