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Need to Breathe New Life into Old Furniture? B.B Original Designs Will Do it For You

B.B Original Designs make your old furniture new again.

B.B Original Designs Table Sticker

You know that feeling you get when it's like everything seems to be in a standstill and sort of routine? No? Just us? Well on those days, there is no better cure than a revamp of your home - it apparently has something to with energies and whatnot. Whatever the case, with B.B Original designs, you get to give your house a make-over without actually having to buy new furniture and spend a fortune doing so.

The online account makes tableaus, wall stickers, table stickers and mirrors. So, that side table that's been sitting in the corner doing nothing much but gathering dust and those pesky coffee mug-rings can get a little more character without you having to spend so much. And to be honest, with our busy schedules, who has time to go shopping for new furniture anyway? B.B Original Designs have got a little something for everyone. For the world traveller, why not get yourself a table sticker with the Eiffel tower imprinted on it? For the diva, maybe a tableau of Marlyn Monroe, pop art style. 

While most of their tableau designs are inspired by designs online or customised as per the buyer's request, B.B Original Designs has got a few originals. The founders, Ehab Mekawy and Bassem Azab, commission freelancing artists from time to time to have them create original stickers.  

So if those bedroom walls are looking a little too barren or you've maybe got a special someone you want to impress coming around, B.B Original Designs is here to give you an affordable and quick revamp. Or if you simply want a portrait Frida Kahlo to wake up to every morning for some much needed motivation, you know where to look. 

Check them out on Instagram.