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This Egyptian Yoga Guru Has Turned Her Energy to Baking Cakes and the Results Are Delicious

While we love yoga, we'd rather have cake.

Cocoa Cake

Everybody knows there is no such thing as too much cake. So, whenever a new bakery opens up to give us our much needed sugar rush, we're obliged, as CairoScene, to thoroughly investigate it, for the good of Egypt. Our latest case comes in the form of Cocoa - an online home-bakery catering to our sweet tooth with cakes for weddings, engagements, birthdays and basically every occasion that matters - and some that don't. But that's not the best part as the founder, Ohoud Saad, is a jack of all trades; a yoga trainer, freelance content creator and founder of online yoga platform, Bindu by Ohoud- and she infuses her baked bombshells with a little bit of all of those things.Launching Cocoa in late October with a gorgeous cake that Saad made for her best friend's wedding, the Egyptian baker designs cakes that retain an element of class and elegance. The home bakery even customises the cakes to suit the clients personalities and vision. “I feel that it’s rare to find cakes that both look and taste good and that’s what you get with Cocoa, she explained to CairoScene. "I like to make each cake unique and personal to each client. I like to know their backstories if there are any too, for inspiration. We discuss flavours, colours, location, everything. Sugar flowers are also a big part of my designs and the lemon cake is my signature."

For Saad, baking cakes isn't that much different from when she's practicing yoga, as she finds both those things to be a form of therapy where she gets to disconnect and be focused solely on what's at hand. "Yoga for me is a practice on and off the mat. It’s in how I see things, how I behave, how I talk to people, how I react, how I work, and definitely how I bake. A lot of people think that meditation is about sitting there and doing nothing," explains Saad. "Meditation is about controlling where your mind goes and bringing all your senses to do one specific thing, which could be sitting and breathing but it could also be so many other things. To me, baking and cake decorating is more meditative than anything else. I put my soul, my passion, my concentration and a whole lotta love in these cakes." 

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