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Egypt's Coptic Christians Call for Boycott of Ramadan Comedy

Comedy show 'Khefet Yad' hasn't exactly been 'light-handed' in its portrayal of Coptic priests and people are 'up in arms'.

Among the several Ramadan series that have made quick work of running afoul of everyone and anyone, Khefet Yad is the latest of this year's mosalsals to find itself in the firing line, thanks to its portrayal of the Coptic clergy. In the show, Mohamed Tharwat plays a character who disguises himself as a priest in order to commit fraud, while also engaging in behaviour such as smoking, that, according to Egypt Independent, goes against the sanctity of the uniform.

Reactions from angry Coptic Christians have been doing the rounds across the social media, with many calling for the show, which also stars Aten Amer and Bayoumi Fouad, to be banned or boycotted for insulting the sanctity of Coptic priests.

Scriptwriter and actor Mufid Mounir has been quick to retort, responding to the criticism in a statement to Egypt Independent in which he claimed that the show "meant no offence and that respect towards the clergy is obligatory, even in a comedy series aiming for fun," as well as agreeing that "masquerading as priests is unacceptable." Mounir, however, also insists that an actor disguising himself as a priest does not "underestimate the sanctity of a religious man." 

This is the just latest Ramadan series to offend the sensibilities of not only Egyptians, but our Arab neighbours, too. The Egyptian Ambassador to Sudan has been summoned by authorities this week, as they seek answers to what they believe is a misguided portrayal of Sudan as a breeding pen for terrorists in Ahmed Ezz's Abu Omar El Masry. Elsewhere, Ramez Galal's generally offensive existence on TV sets has only been made worse by accusations of sexual harassment - and then there's Amr Khaled's bizarre, sacrilegious chicken endorsement scandal. If experience has taught us anything, it's that this is all just the tip of the iceberg.

Speaking of which, check out the CairoScene Mosalsalat Guide - guessing which series will be next to offend makes for a great post-Iftar game with family and friends.