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Egypt’s Quran Teaching Centres to Be Regulated as Part of Measures to Combat Extremism

It's the latest in a series of moves to stop terrorism at its roots.

Egyptian kids learning Quran

Head of Egypt's Religious Affairs Department, Sheikh Jaber Tayi, has announced that some 2600 Quranic memorisation and teaching centres will be regulated, according to Al Dustoor. 

Though he hasn't revealed what these regulations will entail, the move comes as part of concerted effort to ensure that the centres aren't abusing and misusing lessons for political gain, with over 30,000 Egyptian children estimated to be attending them up and down the country.

The centres will be required to operate under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Awqaf, which is in charge of religious endowments, or Al Azhar, which already oversees a national network of schools that encompasses around 2 million students.

In May, taye announced that as many as 20 thousand small mosques, referred to locally as Zawyas, would be banned from delivering Friday sermons, claiming on a TV interview that they acted as a 'dens of extremism'.


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