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Egyptian Government to Implement Multi-Level Parking Lots to Fight Traffic Congestion

Cairo has this habit of making a parking lot look like a traffic jam...

In a multi-leveled spot of news this fine Snoozday; the Cairo Governorate is working on a plan to implement smart parking lots, according to Egypt Today.

These parking lots have several floors as well as a saving space policy to accommodate double the number of cars, as officials battle endlessly with traffic congestion and lack of parking spaces in Cairo.

Each garage - created with fine German (over)engineering - can take more than 6 cars on each floor, only needs a space of 7 meters in width and height, can be dismantled and installed at any time, and can even be implemented in old buildings. This is all according to Major Hany Shinishin - Director of the Housing Directorate of Cairo.

He added that the project will be implemented in several areas for trial purposes; with proposed areas being Downtown Cairo and Nasr City. Shinishin stressed the importance of this project, saying that: “This smart system exists in most countries of the world, but Egypt is late in implementing it, despite our suffering from the lack of garages and heavy traffic.”

A German delegation will be vising the proposed places and work on the necessary designs to make it happen, whereas construction will begin once the delegation has discussed prices. This project will be self-financed by the Cairo Governorate.

Traffic congestion isn’t just highly irritating and time-wasting; it’s extremely damaging to our economy, costing Egypt EGP 50 billion a year - according to a 2013 study by the World Bank.

Other recent plans, such as establishing a “novel comprehensive commercial city”, have been proposed to fight traffic congestion. The plan is to organize the city in a way where there is just one commercial city that focuses on all specialisations - with smooth transportation between it and all other places in Cairo.

Main image from Wikimedia