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Egyptian Families File $150 Million Lawsuit Against Emir of Qatar

They’re asking for $150 million to make up for the lives lost and hurt as a result of the armed attacks happening in northern Sinai.

Several families have put up a case against Qatar's Emir, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, asking for $150 million in compensation for the number of armed attacks which occurred in North Sinai, according to Al Arabiya English.

This is the first time such a lawsuit is filed for in the Middle East, potentially paving new diplomatic relations, as well as increasing awareness of the repercussions of inflicting terrorism.

Sinai has been dubbed as a dangerous area to go to - despite its beautiful blue waters and primitive luxury close to the Dahab area - due to its occupation by soldiers who are attacked time and time again by Islamic affiliations, some of which associated with Qatari relations. The families responsible for the lawsuit are specifically charging the murder of four officers and a wounded civilian.

Ever since ex-President Morsi’s unseating in 2013, the number of terrorist attacks in Egypt have increased, until finally in 2017, Egypt (along with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE) made a move to completely cut relations with Qatar.