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Egypt to Begin Manufacturing 100% Locally-Made Cars

Work is set to begin as soon as next year.

Egyptian Car Being Manufactured

Head of the Arab Organisation for Industrialisation', Abdel Moneim Al Torass, has revealed that the production of 100% locally-made car will commence in 2019. The news comes after a meeting between El Torass and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, which mapped out several other projects that the organisation will work on.

Speaking on television show 3ala Mas2oleyty, El Torass added that that some car parts not currently manufactured in Egypt will initially be imported before being assembled, though the goal is to eventually begin producing said parts locally.

Though he didn't provide any details, Al Torass also suggested that the cars will be exported onto the international market, saying that they will "compete globally."

The Arab Organisation for Industrialisation is one of the biggest industrial organisations in Egypt, with international links to defence and transport sectors. Established in 1975 and currently manufactures everything from military equipment, to railway equipment.