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This Egyptian Designer Customises Denim Jackets to Suit Your Personality

A lot of denim, a lot of sass.

While we're truly sad that summer is all but over, there's a silver lining to changing of the seasons - because new seasons are, of course, synonymous with new wardrobes. No? Fine, either way, while it'll take some time getting used to not baring our legs and gorgeous tanned arms freely, there are a few perks to a new fall wardrobe: jackets. With Nourhan Hussein Fashion, which was founded in 2016, we'll be over the end of summer blues in no time. Hussein, who designs handmade denim jackets, promises nothing short of fabulous stand-out pieces that'll have all your frenemies green with envy.  

Initially a banker, Hussein decided to get into fashion design on a whim, because she'd always had a passion for it. With her handmade jackets, Hussein interweaves an element of uniqueness that's authentic to the core. The Egyptian designer creates pieces that are tailored specifically for those who are wearing them and she does it by meeting up with her clientele and feeling out their vibe before embarking on her creative journey.

“I meet the client for whatever customisable piece they would like me to make. I feel out their personality and try to create something to specifically suits that person, a piece of clothing inspired from their vibe,” says Hussein. 

Hussein, who loves working with her hands, usually only makes one piece which is showcased in boutiques and on her Instagram page. 

"I'll only make one item to be showcased. The rest, I'll do per order because I don’t want it become mainstream. I want to retain that element of uniqueness and quirk.” 

While the designer also makes dresses, bags and hats, her standout items are the jackets which are usually emblazoned with depictions of badass women, vintage imagery or elements that pertain to Egyptian culture with added pizzazz. This is the kind of statement piece to liven up any outfit or simply to make your ex regret ever losing such a feisty boss bitch.

“I didn’t study this. I just felt it was something I wanted to do and I went ahead and did. It’s been two years now. I find my inspiration everywhere. If I see a Pharaonic picture, for example, I'll try to imagine what it would be like stitched or on a jacket, how it would look, what I should add or remove, etc. I do it all by instinct,” says Hussein.

For more on her quirky-cool designs, check her out on Instagram