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Egyptian Man Buys 131 Year-Old Canadian Church for $250,000 to Save it from Closure

It's a Christmas miracle!

Michael Haddad Egyptian Canada Church

An Egyptian pharmacist living in Canada has come to the rescue of a 131 year-old church after it was shutdown in November due to lack of funds and resources. According to The Star, Michael Haddad will pay $250,000 out of his own pocket to buy The United Church in Hensall, Ontario with a view of reopening it.

His proposal, which has already been accepted by the church’s trustees, would transfer the ownership of the church to Haddad and his wife, and it would bequeathed to their 20-year-old son, and then the congregation.

“I did it for two reasons," Haddad told The Star. "One, and this is maybe 90 per cent, I did it for religious reasons. I consider it a duty as a Christian to keep a church of Christ open. It hurt me to hear it was closing,” he continued, adding that the quiet town has a older population and there aren't any other churches nearby. “How about all those people who don’t drive? How can they pray?” 

Hailed as a Christmas miracle by locals, the church is also going to become a community hub for the town, raising revenue through car-washes, rummage sales and donations, to pay for day-to-day maintenance.

All images from The Star