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First Domestic Flights from the New Sphinx Airport to Take Off in January 2019

15 domestic flights to several destinations around Egypt will operate per week.

EgyptAir Sphinx International Airport

EgyptAir has announced that it will operate the first domestic flights from Sphinx International Airport as part of the 6th of October City-located airport’s pilot operation phase between January 25th and February 9th, reports Egypt Independent. 

Fifteen domestic flights per week to Luxor, Aswan, Sham El Sheikh and Hughada are scheduled to take off during the mid-academic year vacation.The launch of the domestic flight program comes in an effort to develop and expand services offered by EgyptAir as per the request of Aviation Minister, Younes Al-Masry, who says the country's 33rd airport will work towards decreasing the pressure on Cairo International airport, creating logistic areas and reaching a wider range of customers.

Chief of the General Tourist Guide Syndicate, Hassan Al-Nahla, had previously said that the will allow them to target tourists in Red Sea destinations, Sharm El Sheikh and Luxor, in promoting low-cost one-day trips to the new airport.

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