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You Can Rent Your Very Own London Cab To Run Your Errands

And they aren't just for your ride to and from the airport. Not to mention massive discounts.

It’s not exactly applied physics to figure out a way to get from point A to point B in Egypt, but getting there in style and comfort? That's not a easy as there aren't exactly a lot of options available.

London Cab, while not exactly new, is designed from the ground up to provide the quintessential taxi experience; with a spacious interior for unparalled legroom as well as wheelchair accessibility, full control of door locks, lighting, windows and the intercom to communicate with your driver. Oh, and highly trained English-speaking drivers and guaranteed safety standards.

All London Cabs are equipped with POS machines that accept a wide range of credit cards, just  like London. And if luggage space is ever a concern, rest assured; there’s enough room in a special compartment besides the driver to carry three large pieces of luggage as well as two medium pieces. These are cars designed with taxi customers in mind. Ever wondered why you can't just buy one for your family?

In Cairo, London Cab might have gotten a reputation for being the most comfortable way to get to and from the airport. But we're missing out on regular city rides to anywhere, and for a set price without surge charges or distance rates either. We're now leaving the club at the end of the night with ease and making sure that divider remains (for the driver's safety). And If you feel like taking a tour or running your errands through the city , London Cab has you covered too; you can book your very own private driver for four, six ,or eight hours.

As luck would have it, now’s the best time to start getting into London Cab’s quality offers; they’re having some special discounts all month long, and you get 1,000 free points when you download their intuitively stylish app available on the Play Store and the App Store to use for future rides.

For more information about London Cab as well as booking, head over to their website here or call them on their hotline; 19670.