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Hosni Mubarak Wants to Give You Money

Looking for a cool $25 million? Look no further than the former president himself...

Former leader of this nation, Hosni Mubarak, has been released from prison, and according to an informative letter (we found in our junk folder, for some strange reason) he is back in business: Mr Mubarak is looking for a business deal! And everyone with an email address is invited to check it out.

Many will have found his indecent proposal in their email folder this week., clearly the former first lady herself, has been emailing folks around the country. In the letter, Hosni Mubarak introduces himself first for those who have not heard about him, stating he is “former leader of Egyptian” who has found himself in a bit of a tricky situation due to being arrested and all: his release is conditional, his assets were seized and he can’t leave the country. Poor Hosni is relying on YOU to represent him abroad.

But fear not, there is lots in it for you: he is looking for someone to manage his modest bank account worth $25 million he is looking to invest in “long-term business venture especially in public and private business (including real estate)” and he is willing to negotiate about how much he will pay you for this lucrative task. Sounds like a chance, huh? 

Main image courtesy of The Telegraph.