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This New Men's Accessories Line Fuses Traditional Arabic Symbols with Modern Chicness

Who knew the Kaf could look so fly?

You might already be familiar with Huwa – a locally-handcrafted Egyptian fashion brand that is the true embodiment of elegance. The brand was built around the idea to create symbolic pieces of men’s accessories that can be worn both in casual and business attire, and these accessories are sure to turn heads - which is difficult when it comes to men's fashion.

Following the release of their Sandstorm collection, an assortment of charming floral pins, Huwa has now released the Thorns collection; 12 new pieces of chic, yet unpretentious, money clips and bracelets that put a modern spin on traditional Arabic symbols.

Incorporating beautiful Arabic calligraphy and symbols such such as the Kaf and the 'blue eye', these accessories add sophistication to a man’s formal swag, though they can also be worn in a more casual way. The four new bracelets are beautifully finished in gold, gold matte, platinum and platinum matte, while the exquisite money clips are finished in black, gold, and platinum.

These add class to any man’s arsenal, so ladies, you know what to offer your man next. If you want to get extra fancy, you might want to look at the El Kaff bracelets and money clips, set with one blue sapphire, which you can see on the photo above. Fancy schmancy.

Head over to the Huwa Facebook for more.