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iSchool is the First Accredited STEM Institute in Africa

iSchool is a science, technology and engineering school that's accredited by - the same institution that accredits giants like Disney, BBC Education and NASA STEM!

Being a rocket scientist isn’t reserved for adults anymore. iSchool is the science, technology, and engineering school for 6 to 17-year-olds that gives them the rundown on programming, robotics, and artificial intelligence well before university.

The school is the first Egyptian and African school to be accredited to teach kids from If you don’t know what that is, it’s the same institution that accredits giants like Disney, BBC Education, and literally (LITERALLY) NASA STEM. So we reckon it’s probably a good thing.

The school was recognized in 2018 as the most innovative and impactful education startup in Egypt and won first place at Biznex Investment Exhibition. They offer three kinds of packages, ranging from one month to nine months long.

The next time your little one tells you they want to grow up and be a roboticist, a master programmer, or yes, even a rocket scientist, you know who to call. Enroll your kids at