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Egyptian Authorities Halt Attempted Smuggling of Valuable 16th Century Book

The book is a 16th century edition by Abu Farag Ibn Al-Jawzi, renowned Muslim scholar.

ibn al jawzi's ancient manuscript mirror of times

A book written by Muslim scholar, Ibn Al-Jawaz, and dating back to the 16th century was seized at Cairo International Airport after being found in the luggage of a passenger, according to Al-Ahram Online. The ancient manuscript will reportedly be studied by the Ministry of Antiquities, before being handed over to the Museum of Islamic Art.

The ancient book is part of a series by Ibn Al-Jawzi called Mirror of Times; the content covers historical events since the dawn of humanity, until Ibn Al-Jawzi's lifetime. Considered a jurisconsult, preacher, orater, historian judge, hagigropher and philologist in his time, Ibn Al-Jawzi was widely admired for his intellectual and political contributions to his native Baghdad.

Images from Al-Ahram Online.