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Marks & Spencer Just Opened a New Concept Store at Mall of Egypt

The beloved British store is doing things a little differently with a rather cool new boutique shopping set-up.

Opening its doors in several locations in Egypt, Marks and Spencer was one of the biggest new additions to the shopping scene in Cairo since 2010. Opening its doors in City Stars, Dandy Mall and Cairo Festival City, the beloved British store made for a most glorious of shopping hat-tricks. And with the opening of a fourth branch last month at Mall of Egypt, we're excited for the implementation of M&S's concept store.

With an already extensive range of products covering womenswear, lingerie, menswear and kidswear, the shop is adding a twist to its new branch - the latest and first of its kind boutique shopping concept in Egypt - which will aid you in finding the extensive breadth of styles, fits & outfits easily & effiently.

Introduced by Marks & Spencer and Al Futtaim, the new boutique concept is set to make shopping easier by displaying all the latest season must-haves right at the entrance, which gives the space a fresher feel. This all comes as an addition to several unique features that you won’t find just anywhere.

With summer just ahead, it’s time to embrace those extra curves with their trendy range of swimwear with a built-in Swimsculpt Technology. And for those annoying creases that make an appearance in our otherwise chic outfits, Marks and Spencer can give you the gift of a sleek silhouette and a versatile linen collection, with Easy-To-Iron Technology, giving you all the benefits of natural fabrics.

Your clothes aren't the only thing getting an upgrade, though. One of the cooler features includes shoe padding for better stability and comfort, so you can look your best, minus the grueling pain that comes from running around in high heels. That's not it though.

Cutting our shopping time by half, we no longer need to ruffle through layers and layers of items only to end up not finding anything to suit our tastes. They're basically doing all the leg work for us by placing their newest styles, fits and outfits on display for customers and with a staff of 30 ready and willing to help, it makes the experience all the easier and breezier. Throw in bra-fitting services and you have everything you need for an efficient and enjoyable shopping trip.

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