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Ministry of Tourism to 'Rebrand Egypt' as Part of Five-Pillar Reform Strategy

Even Ramses seems happy about it.


At a luncheon at the American Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, Egypt's Minister of Tourism, Rania Al-Mashat, revealed a five-pillar strategy - dubbed  E—TRP - to drastically reform and regulate the vital economic sector.

Her comprehensive strategy begins with administrative and legislative reform, and El-Mashat is starting with her own ministry by prioritising the hiring of high-quality personnel  to the ministry's managerial positions, while also putting emphasis on providing adequate vocational training to workers in the ministry and overall tourism sector.

The strategy's second pillar is an exciting one; rebranding Egypt. Al-Mashat said the ministry is working to rebrand the country as a 'responsible choice' for eco-friendly tourists and one that 'economically empowers women'. The ministry will support the rebranding efforts through a series of  global tourism campaigns, travel expos and extensive promotion through social media. Al-Mashat said the ministry will hold a summit to promote tourism through social media influencers to further push Egypt's rebranding effort.

Finding new source markets is at the foremost of the ministry's plan, as well, with special focus on tapping into non-traditional markets in Asia and Eastern Europe, as well as ramping up efforts in well-established markets like the GCC.

Furthermore, the ministry is soon to launch a private equity fund to upgrade the country's hospitality infrastructure and help restructure struggling hotels and resorts. The effort will be coupled with the ministry's focus on upping health and food safety at touristic establishments across the country.

Most importantly, the ministry is currently gearing up to propose a comprehensive, radical upgrade of the legislative framework of the industry. The current legislation hasn't been updated in almost four decades, according to local media, and Al-Mashat is working to include the industry itself in the process of creating a new legislation.

Main image from Al Khaleej Online

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