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‘The Pearl of the Greek Islands’ is Coming to Sahel at Mountain View Ras El Hikma

At Mountain View Ras El Hikma, swimmable Lagoons & different types of Pools that meets all needs in our new phase, Paros, 'The Pearl of The Greek Islands'.

From barren beaches, to go-to getaway, to one of the most stunningly developed seaside sensations on the Mediterranean – Sahel has certainly changed over the decades and at breakneck speed. The North Coast was a very different place even just  10 or so years ago, with one particular name having made quite the splash in recent times – specifically, Mountain View Ras El Hikma, which offers more than just a taste of Grecian grandeur to Sahel as the only livable community in the largely untapped Ras El Hikma area.

In fact, the development is so inspired by the Greece’s Cyclade Islands that it’s divided and named after them, but it’s the next phase that has sun worshipers rubbing their hands in anticipation and glee.

We speak of The Pearl of the Greek Islands, Paros – a small but vibrant island in the Aegean Sea and now the latest upcoming phase of Mountain View Ras El Hikma.

What’s making Sahel-ers salivate is the unique beach experience that Mountain View Ras El Hikma offers; 2km, in fact, sitting along a stunning 40,000 meter swimmable lagoon, which ensures that you won’t have to travel too far to take a dip in what is a rather rad combination of the best of sea and pool. It also offers central pools large enough to large groups, as well as a ladies-only beach (pictured below), and also features several facilities including sun decks and cabanas, as well as food and drink services.

If you’re looking to get yet even more intimate, Mountain View Ras El Hikma also features garden pools perfect for when you want to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the North Coast.

Throw in authentic Greek-style units that vary between smaller units for young couples, to bigger units for large groups and families and you have a unique new summer destination. Just to make it even more enticing, Ras El Hikma has been offering a special limited-time deal for buyers that gets them one-week summer vacations for a period of four years, 

Get your Speedos and designer flip-flops at the ready and check out the Ras El Hikma website for more information or call 16201.

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